Adoption support – the VAA Quality Promise

VAAs deliver a range of wrap around adoption support services to ensure that adoptive families are supported throughout their adoption journey. Placing children at the heart of what we do, we understand that families need to have access to support to make their families work. We do everything we can to make sure our families get the support they need at any point in their adoption journey. This may mean getting advice and information, connecting with other families who live with adoption, or more specialist support, including therapeutic services to give their families the best possible chance of success. The longevity of the sector means that we hold a body of knowledge that allows us to understand the life long impact of adoption.

Working together we can provide adoption support across the UK and where we cannot provide this ourselves we will seek to help you get what you need.

We are family focused, believing that adoption support starts from the point of preparation of your family for adoption. Therefore many agencies introduce you to the types of services on offer during your assessment process, through to placement and post adoption order.

Our sector, has a history of innovation, developing services with adoptive parents, and always in response to direct need-we know the impact we have is to give families hope.

We are at the cutting edge of service development, with many of our agencies providing adoption support not just to adopters who choose the sector to make their families but also more widely, providing adoption support services on behalf of local authorities who recognise the expertise within our sector. We also work closely with government departments across the four nations to influence policy and legislation, advocating for high quality adoption support in recognition of the difference adoption brings to family life.

We think adoption support should look like this:

  • Access to information, advice, helplines and online forums
  • Parenting programmes that educate you about attachment, developmental delay. Brain development and most importantly to build your confidence and provide you with techniques to parent your children effectively.
  • Budding with other families who have adopted
  • Parent support groups
  • Children’s groups and family activity days so you and your child can connect with the adoption community
  • Support with letterbox and contact
  • Family support with interventions that build on your strengths and validate your experience and help your family work.
  • Preparation and training for you and your wider family or friends
  • Help to connect education and health services
  • Specialist therapeutic services for your children and /or family.

What we are seeking to achieve is seamless access to adoption support and we do this by:

  • Providing a range of services
  • Working together to provide adoption support services.
  • Working with local authorities to advocate for our families and to provide services more widely.
  • Advocating and supporting your application to the Adoption Support Fund through your local authority so that you can have choice and funding for what you need.

Let us tell you how we make adoption support happen for you.

  • We listen to adoptive families
  • We develop services to meet your needs
  • We work together to provide a wide geographical coverage
  • We have developed new schemes such as IAAM’s (It’s All about me) a service that guarantees a thorough assessment of your child, by the Maudesley to ensure support is understood and post placement funding is guaranteed for adoption support from the outset.
  • We are influencing new system development such as the Adoption Support Fund.
  • We work with local authority colleagues to help them understand what we can offer and what you need

In short your world is our world and we want to support you to make a success of your family.

Do we achieve it?

  • Making a family through adoption means you need to feel confident that it will work. We can’t guarantee this but we can say our 98% of our families succeed. Those that don’t are for a variety of human reasons that we can only help to work through-now that is honest
  • We don’t want families to fail due to the lack of preparation or support so we pay attention to that.
  • Our sector has very high levels of staff retention and for you this means consistency and personal service.
  • We have very clear goals-we put adoptive parents in the driving seat, we validate your experience and help you giving your family the best possible service we can.

There is nothing ‘voluntary’ about our service-it is about commitment, expertise and adoptive family life.

Together, we make families work.