Latest ALB Performance Information

The number of children waiting has fallen
There were 3,470 children waiting at 30 September 2014.  This is a 26% decrease from 31 March 2014 when there were 4,680 children waiting with a placement order not yet placed with an adoptive family.
Child timeliness has improved
In 2013-14, the average number of days between entering care and placement was 594 days, which is an improvement from 656 days in 2012-13, but still 47 days above the scorecard threshold. At 216 days, the average number of days between placement order and match in 2013-14 is a slight improvement on 2012-13, but 64 days longer than the 2011-14 threshold. Latest quarterly data suggests there has been little change in the A1 indicator between quarters 1 and 2 2014-15, which has decreased from 541 to 539 days. The A2 indicator has increased from 222 to 236 days, a further increase on the 2013-14 figure.
“Adopter gap” has closed
Our most recent estimate for the “adopter gap” suggests that the gap has closed, and we now have more adopters than children waiting. However, there are still 3,060 children with a placement order not yet matched and the relevance of this measure assumes that matching is working effectively.
Adopter timeliness has improved
The latest Ofsted data shows that the proportion of decisions made within 6 months of application in 2013-14 was 35%. This compares to 27% in 2012-13. The latest quarterly data, however, suggests timeliness is beginning to decline. In quarter 2 2013-14, 50% of approvals were made within 6 months of application, this was 32% in quarter 2 2014-15. The timeliness of matches has also declined. In quarter 4 2013-14, 80% of matches were made within 6 months of approval, this was 71% in quarter 2 2014-15.