Getting help with adoption from a VAA


If you are interested in adopting, contacting a VAA is a great way to start. Voluntary Adoption Agencies (VAAs) have established an exemplary reputation for quality and good practice.

VAAs can take you through the whole adoption process from applying to become an adopter through the assessment and preparation process culminating in having a child placed with you.

Because VAAs specialise in adoption they can focus on the service they give you, providing excellent support and guidance throughout the adoption process. They also work with you and with local authorities to achieve a placement in the shortest possible time. The numbers of parents approved by VAAs who waited more than 6 months for a placement has been reducing each year since 2010.

VAAs also care deeply about the support that is provided post placement and after adoption, providing support for as long as you want it – often until your adopted child is 18. The VAA approach has resulted in evidenced success for our families. The quality of our placements continues to be high with the number of children who experience placement breakdowns remaining around 3%.


There are 33 VAAs in the UK. You can use our search to find agencies close to where you live. All of our agencies are keen to hear from people interested in adoption and can provide you with advice about the adoption process and support in making your decision to adopt.