Inter Agency Fees

Interagency Fee Level

The current interagency fee is £27,000.

The fee level of agencies in London will have a weighting of 10%, giving a figure of £29,700

In England the inter-agency fee is agreed between the Local Government Association (LGA), Association of Directors of Childrens Services (ADCS), Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE), and the Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies (CVAA) UK. As of 1 April 2013 local authorities increased the inter-authority adoption fee to the same level as the inter-agency fee paid to VAAs. The equalized fee also applies within consortium groups.

In Scotland fees are agreed through service level agreements between Local Authorities, consortia members and VAAs. VAAS charge the recommended fee set by CVAA.

In Wales fees are agreed between COVVA / ADSS Cymru & the National Adoption Service for Wales.

In Northern Ireland, agreements are reached between the five Health and Social Care Trusts. VAAS charge the recommended fee.

The interagency fee will be reviewed and agreed on an annual basis by all parties

The fee covers the following stages of inter-agency work:

1) Recruiting, preparing, assessing and approving families;

2) Meetings with the child’s agency, preparing and supporting the family during the matching process, placement planning and introductions and making the placement.

3) Supporting the family for the first twelve months following placement. This payment covers the support provided during this period and core services as set out below for the duration of the placement:

  • Telephone /email advice & information service
  • Liaison/short term counselling/initial assessment and referral to available specialist local services
  • Access to training/workshop/support groups for adopters and adopted children (this may be via own agency or the agency’s membership of regional consortia etc.)
  • Access to/information about resources such as videos, books and specialist services.
  • Opportunities for networking with other adoptive families, including social events for adoptive families.
  • Agency up-dates for adoptive families, e.g. newsletters and AGMs.

Further payment would be needed where the adoption order is not made within 12 months of placement.

Financial support and support in relation to contact arrangements would primarily be the responsibility of the placing authority.

Additional support services linked to the needs identified in the Adoption Support Plan can be purchased from the approving agency and should be detailed in the agreement

Part One

Charged on placement

Part Two

Charged when the Adoption Order is made or 12 months after the placement started, whichever is the sooner.  On-going supervision is charged where an Adoption Order has not been granted after 12 months and ongoing placement supervision is being provided by the VAA (calculated to be charged on a monthly basis)

Part 2 of the fee for both new placements, (and existing), can be charged either as a lump sum at the end of a year or on a monthly basis.

Note: London figures in italics

For 1 child Full fee £27000 £29,700
Part One £18,000 £19,800
Part Two £9,000 £9,900
Ongoing supervision £750 per month £825 per month
For 2 children Full fee £43,000 £47,300
Part One £28,667 £31,534
Part Two £14,333 £15,766
Ongoing supervision £1,194 per month £1,314 per month
For 3 children Full fee £60,000 £66,000
Part One £40,000 £44,000
Part Two £20,000 £22,000
Ongoing supervision £1,667 per month £1,833 per month
For 4 children Full fee £68,000 £74,800
Part One £45,333 £49,866
Part Two £22,677 £24,934
Ongoing supervision £1,889 per month £2,078 per month
For 5 children Full fee £80,000 £88,000
Part One £53,333 £58,667
Part Two £26,677 £29,333
Ongoing supervision £2,222 per month £2,444 per month


The fee is charged in equal thirds of £9,000; £18.000 at the point of placement and £9,000 after 1 year or at the granting of the adoption order, whichever comes first.

Arrangements when a placement disrupts

This will be an area for discussion which will need to take account of the individual case. In England the following guidance has been agreed by ADCS, CVAA and the LGA.

  • The first third should be seen as non refundable. (Many adopters do not go on to take another placement and those that do will need to be re-assessed),
  • The second third would usually be non refundable but there may be some situations when a placement breaks down during introductions or at a very early stage where both agencies decide they wish to come to an agreement based on the particular circumstances e.g. short duration of placement, limited travel and staff time involved in a local placement
  • The final third would be paid up to the end of the placement and for 1 month after to cover further support to the adopters. For this reason we would suggest that the final third is paid in monthly installments. If a lump sum has been paid it may be difficult to then refund.
  • A disruption meeting should be held, chaired by an independent Chairperson, with minutes being provided to both agencies. The agencies party to this agreement agree to share the costs equally and to fully engage in the process.