Membership Services

As a membership organisation CVAA exists to meet the needs of its members.

The CVAA currently undertakes a range of activities on behalf of member agencies and provides a host of services to member agencies and key stakeholders:

CVAA promotes sector interest by:

  • Representing and promoting the interests of VAAs to central and local Government and to key stakeholders in adoption. We do this to influence and help shape policy, practice and regulation of adoption in each of the four UK nations;
  • Reporting quarterly and annually on the performance of the voluntary adoption sector;
  • Providing performance management advice and support;
  • Identifying key issues and obstacles to system improvement and facilitating collective problem solving;
  • Providing  adoption advice to the general public;
  • Facilitating access to the network of VAAs and ASAs across the UK;
  • Promoting the services and products provided by individual VAAs and ASAs and the voluntary adoption sector collectively to local authorities, prospective adopters, UK Governments and other key stakeholders;
  • Identifying and promote best practice in adoption and adoption support and drive innovation;
  • Providing performance improvement advice and support;
  • Engaging in discussions about the inter-agency fee;
  • Providing adoption sector leadership as a member of the Adoption Leadership Board in England.

CVAA provides member benefits by:

  • Ensuring membership representation at key government forums, with regulators and in the media;
  • Providing member events including the AGM which involves national speakers;
  • Providing practice sharing workshops
  • Responding to ad-hoc queries about practice;
  • Providing regular information updates;
  • Hosting the CVAA prospective parent search facility;
  • Posting of staff vacancies on the website.