News from ALB

Andrew Christie as new Chair for the Adoption Leadership Board

Department for Education has announced the new Chair for the Adoption Leadership Board.


Andrew Christie has been the Director of Children’s Services for the London Triborough area (Westminster, Hammersmith and Fulham, and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea) since 2011, and was recently appointed by the government as the new Commissioner for Children’s Social Care in Birmingham. He also has more than 40 years’ of front line social work experience.

CVAA welcomes the new Chair to the ALB and look forward to working with him.

A Note on Adoption Matching

The Adoption Leadership Board takes a keen interest in improving matching in adoption. In the brief paper attached, the now former Chair of the Adoption Leadership Board, Sir Martin Narey, draws on research to examine, and in some cases challenge, what good matching practice looks like. He argues for greater pace, pragmatism and adopter involvement.

Read the paper: A Note on Adoption Matching

Please also read: Exploring Adoption Matching Decisions (BIT report)

The attached report forms part of a broader piece of work to examine adoption matching practice and process, overseen by the Adoption Leadership Board. The Department for Education engaged the Behavioural Insights Team to conduct a short qualitative research project, exploring how adoption ‘matching’ decisions are made by social workers. The report highlights some of the factors that drive decision-making that might be linked to the outcomes we see in practice.