Adoption Support Fund: Learning from the Prototype
Tuesday 20 October 2015

The Department for Education has published a research report on the learning from the Adoption Support Fund prototypes

Read the full report here: Adoption Support Fund


The key messages are:

  • The almost universal experience of parents using services funded by the ASF was of significant progress having been made.  The family environment was calmer for everyone and several parents felt the therapy had interrupted a process likely to have led to placement disruption.
  • Therapeutic needs were being identified that would not previously have been identified and there appeared to be accelerated pathway to therapy.
  • There is a pressing need to strengthen alignment between the ASF and CAMHS, and for local authorities to work closely with CAMHS in developing their use of the ASF.  The CAMHS transformation programme and the ASF together create an opportunity to strengthen the role of CAMHS in adoption support and for diffusion of the good practice that exists in some areas.
  • Strategic approaches to needs analysis, service planning and configuration, across local systems will be important to optimise the use and impact of the ASF.