The performance of the VAA sector

The VAA sector is a significant and growing part of the adoption system in the UK.

  • The VAA sector in England placed 800 children in 2014/15, an increase of 57% since 2010/11.
  • A quarter of these children were placed in sibling groups; a fifth were of BME heritage.
  • Placements for older children (aged 5 or more) are up on last year; as are placements for children registered as disabled and children suffering from developmental delay.
  • VAAs approved more adopters than ever last year (815), more than double the number approved in 2010/11, including:
    • A record number of second time adopters
    • More single men and women than ever before
    • A record number of female same sex couples
  • We are improving the efficiency of the adoption process and its ability to meet the needs of children and adoptive parents. The numbers of adopters waiting less than 6 months for a placement after being approved by VAAs has also reduced year on year since 2010.
  • 11 out 12 VAAs inspected by Ofsted in England were rated ‘good’ or better in 2014