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Excellence in the Adoption System

Our vision is for adopted children, young people and adults to lead happy fulfilling lives in loving families supported by a strong voluntary adoption sector.

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What is a Voluntary Adoption Agency?

VAAs are independent, not for profit organisations which are smaller than most statutory agencies and offer a personalised service to adopters from all backgrounds.

VAAs work in partnership with local authorities and regional adoption agencies across the whole of the UK to find families for children in care who are unable to stay with their birth relatives. There are 34 registered voluntary adoption agencies covering every region and country of the UK.

Why adopt through a VAA?

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A warm welcome

Whether you already know your stuff, or are just starting on your journey, VAAs will meet you where you are.

Personalised service

Our members will help you create a family that is just right for you and your children. They are always on your side.

An excellent standard of quality

Of CVAA’s 24 members, almost all are independently rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’. You’re in good hands.

Lifelong support

Your VAA will be there for you and your children for life. Adoption is a lifelong journey, not a destination.

Find a local VAA agency that’s right for you.

For support, advice, and information, or to embark on your adoption journey, find a local Voluntary Adoption Agency that’s right for you.

VAAs will be with you every step of the journey.

Join CVAA as a subscriber for as low as £59 for the year, and as well as supporting our work, you’ll receive: