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Adoption Focus announces partnership with Birmingham Children’s Trust

News Release


13th January 2022


Adoption Focus announces partnership with Birmingham Children’s Trust


Leading, Birmingham-based Voluntary Adoption Agency Adoption Focus has announced that it is entering into a formal partnership with Birmingham Children’s Trust. This development will see the Trust form a Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) as part of the national RAA programme, with the full involvement and support of Birmingham City Council.


The vision for the RAA is that adopted children in Birmingham will grow up in secure and loving families where they can thrive and reach their potential. The partnership between the Trust and Adoption Focus is expected to achieve this by drawing on their combined strengths to deliver excellence in adoption practice and performance.


The Birmingham RAA will deliver the complete range of adoption services across the Birmingham region, including lifelong support for families who adopt.


In the first year, the Birmingham RAA will focus on increasing:


  • the number of local adopters who can provide safe and loving families for Birmingham children.
  • the number of children who are able to be placed in fostering for adoption placements, giving them more stability.


Adoption Focus Chairperson Benjamin James said, “We are delighted to have been selected by Birmingham Children’s Trust to partner on the formation of the new RAA. The creation of a new family is one of the most complicated processes undertaken in life and we have been delighted to see how the Trust puts the child first in every decision. Therefore, our vision and values are well aligned and we are looking forward to combining our expertise and exemplary practice to achieve the best outcomes for adopted children as they join their forever family.”


Birmingham Children’s Trust Chief Executive, Andy Couldrick, said “I am so pleased that we have secured an RAA model that is different, that is innovative, that brings together the Children’s Trust and a great VAA partner, Adoption Focus.”


“This partnership will enable us to learn, grow and improve together, and to be the best we can be in linking children who need a loving, lifelong family, with families with the love, commitment and skill to offer these children. Our RAA will be both efficient and effective, building on the considerable experience and complementary strengths of the two organisations.”

The Birmingham RAA will start operating in the coming weeks, with a full external launch later in the year once the new RAA brand and website have been developed. The Trust and Adoption Focus are currently working together to establish a vibrant brand which will best serve their wide range of stakeholders.