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VAAs Explained

Voluntary Adoption Agencies, commonly called VAAs, are independent, non-profit making, organisations dedicated to supporting people from all communities and backgrounds to adopt children who need a forever home. They provide a bespoke service for each adopter and offer an alternative choice to local authority adoption services, working in partnership with them to find the right family for each child.

VAAs are independentnot for profit organisations which are smaller than most statutory agencies and offer a personalised service to adopters from all backgrounds.

VAAs work in partnership with local authorities and regional adoption agencies across the whole of the UK to find families for children in care who are unable to stay with their birth relatives. There are 34 registered voluntary adoption agencies covering every region and country of the UK.

Voluntary Adoption Agencies (VAAs) have a wealth of experience in placing children with adoptive families. Some have been working for well over 100 years supporting all kinds of children and families.

VAAs place almost a quarter of all children adopted each year in the UK and have expertise in finding families for children who have priority needs, including sibling groups, older children and those from BAME backgrounds.

VAAs provide lifelong support to adoptive families, their children and adopted adults through informationfamily dayscounsellingtherapeutic services and peer support. Many also support birth families and help with contact arrangements.

VAAs deliver exceptional services. 96% of VAAs have been rated highly or very highly by their national inspectorates (Ofsted (England), the Care Inspectorate (Scotland), and the Care Inspectorate Wales).