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Author: petra

National Adoption Week 18th to 14th October 2021

CVAA is proud to be supporting National Adoption Week which this year aims to recognise all those involved in adoption and raise awareness of the lifechanging impact adoption has on the lives of so many children and families.

Real life stories will be shared from adopted children, adopted adults, adoptive parents, birth parents, social workers, and families who have supported loved ones on the adoption journey. The aim is to provide an honest portrayal of modern adoption, showcasing the joys, challenges and work which goes into ensuring adoption can be a caring and supportive process for all those affected by the life changing decisions it involves. Adoption is vitally important every week of the year, but National Adoption Week is an opportunity to better understand  adoption from all perspectives and  provides a dedicated time for us to focus on the real life stories of those who have given so much to this process for the sake of the children they love.

Maggie Jones CEO of CVAA said:

National Adoption Week is a great opportunity to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone involved in adoption across the country. Adoption is always rewarding and life affirming, but it is also a tough and emotionally demanding process. What shines through it all, from birth families, professionals and adopters, is their total dedication to doing their very best for the children they care about. This week we need to hear their voices, and those of adopted people of all ages, to make sure that the adoption system of the future is build upon their expertise and the wisdom of lived experience.

All VAAs work with incredible adopters, birth families, adopted children, young people and adults at all stages of the lifelong adoption journey. CVAA are so proud of the dedication, care , creativity and energy our VAA colleagues bring to the work they do every day, to find and support permanent homes for the thousands of children who need them.

There will be many events and other opportunities to hear and learn about adoption experiences from all walks of life this week. Check the you can adopt campaign website as well as the websites of adoption agencies near you for more details.

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