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CVAA launches new strategy to shape the future of adoption services

Following extensive consultation with voluntary adoption agencies up and down the UK, as well as people with lived experience and key stakeholders, CVAA is delighted to launch its new strategy which sets out what we will do over the next three years,to support our members to ensure all children who need it have the best possible chance of a permanent loving family, who can meet their identity needs

The Strategy centres around three key priorities:

  • Identity and connection – Ensuring that adoptees are supported by informed, empathetic adopters and VAAs, so that they develop a lifelong positive sense of identity and belonging, underpinned by continuing connections and ongoing meaningful relationships with the people that matter to them
  • Adopter and sector diversity – Supporting VAAs to embed learning and changes so that adopters from a wide range of ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds, with varied lived experiences, feel confident coming forward to adopt and that all services are delivered through an equitable and inter-sectional approach, rooted in anti-discriminatory practice
  • Championing the modernisation of adoption – Working with members, adopted people and their families, and stakeholders across the UK, to influence and shape the modernisation of adoption, increasing understanding of the imperative for change and the benefits for children and families

To read the strategy in full, download it here.