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Supporting Adoptive Parents to consider using Complementary Therapies with their Children

Who this is for 

Adoption Practitioners, Managers, Social Workers (Voluntary Adoption Agencies, Regional Adoption Agencies and Local Authorities), Children’s Social Workers, Support Workers and Independent Professionals.


Childhood neglect has been widely evidenced to contribute to the long term developmental needs of children and can have a lasting impact on their Health outcomes including their mental health. There is considerable evidence that supports the view that these early life experiences increase the likelihood of chronic and/or extreme stress in childhood, referred to as early life stress, which is associated with a wide range of long-term effects on their development.

Children can be supported holistically to recover from childhood neglect and trauma and this workshop offers food for thought on this very topic. Using alternative therapies can offer an opportunity for families to support their children and begin to recover from the traumatic events of early trauma using complementary therapies. Supporting children with good nutrition that can offer support to achieve better outcomes as children make their transition in their new life.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding the Holistic Needs of Children who have encountered childhood neglect
  • Making sense of the broken story of neglect; using alternative complementary therapies to change the long term impact on their children’s wellbeing and health
  • A better understanding the many Holistic therapies that can be used to support Children who have encountered childhood neglect.
  •  Supporting better health outcomes children’s wellbeing and health using alternative therapies and natural nutrition

About the trainer 

Randhiraj Bilan

Randhiraj has been in Social Work for 34 years.  Alongside this training, she began her journey using alternative therapies since 1996 and has trained in many alternative complementary therapies which  includes Natural Nutrition, Homeopathy, Reiki and Seichem, Massage and other complementary healing modalities.  As a mother of 3 with her youngest being adopted, she understands the importance of using alternative complementary therapies and will share her knowledge and experience of using these for families to create a Karma home.  She runs Nourished Naturally Ltd which is helps people heal form inside out using the range of complementary therapies he showcases at her website.  She is also developing a project which offers practical support to families with children who can be supported by this service.


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