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Therapeutic Innovations: Arts-Based and Body-Focused Interventions for Supporting Adoptive Families

Who this is for

Adoption practitioners and managers (Voluntary Adoption Agencies, Regional Adoption Agencies, Local Authorities, and independent social workers), children’s social care services, children and family social workers, foster carers, kinship carers, designated teachers, and other professionals working with children and families.


Art and music therapy can help children understand their inner worlds and surroundings, develop closer relationships and interact effectively with their peers, teachers and families. Recent research has supported the use of music and art therapy for social and emotional development. Creative therapies also helps build resilience and reduces anxiety. Music and art therapy allow children to communicate emotions and more complex stories than they could using words alone. In this way, creative therapy helps each child and their carers to understand distress, confusion or conflicted emotions.

This practice workshop will provide adoption practitioners with cutting-edge strategies for promoting healing and resilience within adoptive families through creative and embodied approaches.

You will discover the transformative power of arts-based and body-focused interventions in supporting the emotional well-being of adoptive families. Through a combination of theory, experiential exercises, and case studies, you will learn how to integrate innovative therapeutic techniques into your practice.

Learning 0utcomes

  • Explore the theoretical foundations of arts-based and body-focused interventions in adoption therapy
  • Learn practical techniques for incorporating creative expression and embodiment into therapeutic work with adoptive families
  • Discover how arts-based and body-focused interventions can facilitate healing, communication, and attachment within adoptive families
  • Gain insights from real-life case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of these innovative approaches

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A member of staff will be in touch with attendees one week prior to the event to share a pre-event delegate pack.

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