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Introduction to Theraplay and Marshak Interaction Method Assessment (MIM): Assessing the Quality and Nature of Child-Caregiver Relationship

Who this is for

Adoption practitioners and managers (Voluntary Adoption Agencies, Regional Adoption Agencies, Local Authorities, and independent social workers), children’s social care services, children and family social workers, foster carers, kinship carers, designated teachers, and other professionals working with children and families.


Theraplay was developed in the 1960’s in America and is a form of focused therapy designed to enhance attachments between parents and children. Theraplay activities are playful, fun and developmentally enhancing and are designed to be practiced with a therapist as well as at home.

Secure attachment behaviour is only possible when a child is not living in a state of constant traumatisation. Theraplay theorists have identified four essential elements for secure attachment: Appropriate level of structure, Nurture, Engagement, Developmental challenge.

This expert-led training session will explain the key elements and principles of Theraplay. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about Theraplay, the process of qualifying as a Theraplay Practitioner and about the Marshak Interaction Method assessment (MIM) in particular as a valuable assessment tool.

This will provide an overview and is a taster session to introduce you to Theraplay or give you more information before you start your Theraplay journey.

It is designed for professionals who would like to know more about Theraplay, for example, if you make referrals or you’re considering adding Theraplay to your practice. This will provide an overview and is a taster session to introduce you to Theraplay or give you more information before you start your Theraplay journey.

Please note that this webinar does not provide a Theraplay qualification.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of the Theraplay model, a model of play therapy with its roots in Attachment Theory ​with modifications for Trauma
  • Describe how the Theraplay dimensions of Structure, Engagement, Nurture and Challenge are used to meet children’s needs and address behavior problems ​
  • Explain basic knowledge of how the MIM is utilized to assess the parent-child relationship and to plan treatment ​or other interventions
  • Explain how parents participate in Theraplay sessions​ and the dyadic model

About the trainer

Jay Vaughan

Jay Vaughan, M.A., is a certified Theraplay therapist and supervisor as well as a Theraplay trainer. Jay is also a state registered Dramatherapist, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapist and Somatic Experience Practitioner. Jay is the Clinical Director and is also the agency’s Responsible Person at Family Futures CIC.

Jay has been working with traumatised children since qualifying as a Dramatherapist in 1989, and passionately believes in the use of arts, play and body-based approaches in helping traumatised children and their families heal.

Jay was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Jubilee Birthday Honours Lists in 2022 for services to children and young people. Over the past 24 years since she co-founded Family Futures, over a thousand families have been helped through the pioneering assessment and therapy service which helps children heal from early life trauma and abuse.


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