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Use our Manifesto for Adoption with your future MP

There are a couple of week to go until the General Election on 4th July, which means that local candidates will be busy campaigning in our community and canvassing on our doorsteps. This is a rare opportunity for everyone with a personal connection to adoption to speak directly with future MPs and local politicians, put adoption on their agenda and highlight what needs to change. It is a time when working together to send a clear message can cut through.

In this blog post we’re sharing our recommendations for the next government on adoption support, which we have developed in collaboration with voluntary adoption agencies across the UK. You can find adapted versions for Scotland and Wales here. We know that this is a subject which affects all adoptive families and, with further government investment, could have a profound impact on the lives of children and parents alike.

We hope this information will be useful for any interactions you have in the run up to the election, and we’d love to hear about any successes you have. You can read our full Manifesto for Adoption here.

We are calling on the new government to provide timely support which prioritises early intervention

Since its inception, the Adoption Support Fund has been transformational for children, and its continuation is essential to ensuring children’s permanence and stability in their adoptive families. However, it must be acknowledged that despite this, overall support from adopted people remains woefully inadequate, including within our schools. The next government must therefore introduce measures which can provide more children with the right support at the right time including within education setting and at key transition moments.

Specifically, we want:

  • An ongoing commitment for the continuation of the rebranded Adoption and Special Guardian Support Fund (ASGSF) recognising the continuing need for families to be able to access therapeutic interventions. As part of this, the £5,000 annual cap per child for therapy (and £2500 for assessment) should also be reviewed in light of the high rates of inflation with the aim of creating a clear methodology for the fund to continue to increase each year as is the case with interagency fees.
  • A commitment that every child placed for adoption has an assessed multidisciplinary support plan with a duty to deliver it. This could be similar to the current EHCP Plan for children with SEND and link in closely with schools and education providers.
  • Equal access to the ASGSF regardless of whether the placement was made by a statutory or voluntary adoption agency.
  • A commitment to increase mental health support and provision for adopted teens given the evidence that this can be a key period in their development and placement stability and expert support is crucial to ensuring a positive transition into adulthood.
  • Mandating training for teachers, via Virtual Schools, on how to support care experienced children and take a trauma-informed approach in the classroom. This will require amendments to be made to the current Teacher Standards.

More recommendations can be found in our Manifesto for Adoption which relate to 5 key areas: recognising the value of adoption; reducing delay for all children, particularly those who wait the longest; supporting adopted children’s identity needs; timely support which prioritises early intervention and developing more trauma-informed schools; and acknowledging the lifelong impact of trauma.

Lastly, we are always keen to hear from adoptive parents and adoptees who want to be involved in campaigning or work influencing government adoption policy. If this is of interest, please get in touch with Alice Talbot from CVAA who can share further information on how to do this: