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Our Work

CVAA is first and foremost a membership organisation. We represent our members and advocate for them in national forums. We draw on our members’ vast experience of adoption to facilitate the sharing of best practice across the adoption system. We create space for professionals in the voluntary adoption sector to network and learn from one another.

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We champion and support VAAs in their lifechanging work

Our vision is for adopted children, young people and adults to lead happy fulfilling lives in loving families supported by a strong voluntary adoption sector.

Membership & Subscription

Learn more about the benefits of subscribing to CVAA.

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Influencing Policy

We put VAAs' centuries of experiences at the heart of our policy work.

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Our team

Learn more about the small but dynamic CVAA team.

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Our mission & strategy

Our mission is to achieve excellence in the adoption system through harnessing the collective expertise, commitment and innovation of the voluntary adoption sector, working together for children, families and adopted adults.

Our 2020-23 Strategy